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Pay quickly and efficiently through any of our payment options: credit and debit cards, eWallet, mobile payment or real-time bank transfer or deposit into our accounts at the nearest. Please note that some payment methods may attract some charges. Read more about our payment options (hyperlink to the payment options in the booking engine to be implemented with Videcom).

Our prices are automatically displayed in Naira based on routes and types of tickets available at the time of booking. We do not guarantee availability of any fare until the booking is completed and paid for. You will be charged in Nigeria but you can with any acceptable credit card.

Please note that if you’re paying from outside of Nigeria and with card denominated in a different currency, your financial institution may apply different exchange rates which we are not privy to. There may be also additional charges incurred, so please check with your financial institution before making your booking.

Manage My Booking allows you to modify an existing flight booking prior to purchasing a ticket:

  • Change travel dates.
  • Upgrade to business class, if available.
  • Upgrade to another class of ticket.
  • Select preferred seats.
  • Update contact information.
  • Pay in advance for excess baggage.

Bookings purchased directly from our website , direct offices and preferred travel agents can be modified through our contactcentre
For flights purchased from travel agents and 3rd party websites, you need to contact your travel agent for any changes to your ticket including refunds.

You need to call or email our contactcenter for any queries relating to cancellations and refund. Charges may apply for cancellation, no shows or changes in booking. Please read our Refund Policy

Our fare categories give you the flexibility that best suits your travel plans:

  • Best Buy
  • Economy
  • Economy flex
  • Economy Super flex
  • Business Best Buy
  • Business

The conditions for each fare are attached to it.